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Crystalize on the muscle or brain

About crystalizze muscle may this new kind of crystalizze as crystalizze on blood and crystalizze on extremitas that’s kind began surely from magic wizard on right brain from south borneo indonesia there are more muslim people but have culture with magic wizard since hundreds ago as in Africa culture and few Arabic culture then the last has bigest at after sunrise and sunset at arizona at 2010 and more before then drop on most people on this earth, after the earth has peek culmination rotation of the earth, then polutan on the ground going up to atmosfire then contamine on the food then made crytalizze on the muscle and brain then has problem with footwork on ability on extremitas and get problem on the right head but not on mind, as go ing on miss rhea barton in Nigeria the girl from florida the muscle has convert or get anomaly. hope always the people on this earth becarefull with food/meal.


Thats Rhea Barton the girl from Florida get anomaly on right brain at problem on footwork or extremitas, then get pain cause about problem on footwork.


That’s the Rhea barton photos 1. before get crystalize on muscle and right brain, 2. after 3. get pain about the anomaly or get crystalizze on muscle and right brain then get pain cause problem on footwork or extremitas.

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Jiwo saktiyoso

Some word / more world

Shipsment of illuminati and maps /capital

After illumination at last 2 decade more people acitivity at last decade at the top after illumination at brain ( flow ) get held and convers to thats shipsment klan genetica not just farm more socio culture of liberty people , technology , trade start with free trade market jakarta beijing 2013 , faculty , military,  government, life style , market place / traditional and modern market , medicine , industry, others musk of religion activity etc to thats shipsment klan genetica imperium in the last millenium .

Must convidence and have endurance makkah and madinah and emran family in land of israel .

Some word

About water while was flow illumination at last decade at the top .

In mussaf ustman bin affan God own gabrile or jibril in arabic language / literatur find the place in this earth have mean history of one repiblic when owm mosses and follower get illumination in egyptiant ancient thats thats have connect in land in this earth about water for day a day activity while thats all flow by grace to when phroepet muhammad rebuild makkah and madinah get illumination again may burn zigzag in this eafth thats connected with 12 jhon the triebes but have linear as java with makkah and madinah ( when phroepet muhammad rebuild centre of one republic ) before come sasaniand klan kuin alalak kingdom after makkah and madinah going dry as we can wacth at this time.

About in others zone in every land of continent can wacth directly of water land day a day actuvity .

Thats sir hynes iam feel know directly of water land.

Own mosses have degree are not we are after 5000 thousand years ago are after illumination at last 2 decade and last decade at the top .

Have not wrong aqua danone / not reklame thats not dominated of people do / consume but are company / industry for public consume .

Just advice to more people in this earth USA too iam not savior not salvation too what ever own mosses too longs . ( in distance or degree too )

Some word

Didedikasikan kepada generasi bangsa Indonesia yang sebenarnya kambuhnya ex kuin alalak kingdom dan ordo serta jalur hegemony human klan genetica ( derivat of sasaniand empire ) basic genetica mereka 5000 tahun yang lalu terhadap Nabi musa dan kaumnya dalam tactic illuminati mereka dimasa lampau terhadap Nabi musa dan kaumnya yang paling menonjol pada masa itu adalah technology arsitecture dari kecerdasan yang transcendent kaum Nabi musa dan Nabi musa pada masa itu yang kemudian mereka klaim sebagai hegemony banyak teknology didalamnya dan melekat didalam genetica mereka dan ketika banyak umat manusia banyak menemukan technology dalam fase beberapa decade terakhir khususnya dalam hal IT ( information technology ) dengan tactic illuminati yang berkepanjangan termasuk terhadap 2 messias terakhir ( Nabi muhammad dan Lord jessus almasih ibnu maryam ) dalam kamufalge mereka . Dan pengeklaiman dalam 20 tahun terakhir puncaknya dengan tactic illuminati baru yang mengalir sejak ratusan tahun yang lalu melalui asia tenggara terhadap nusantara.

1.Untuk tetap confidence dalam kondisi brain setelah tactic illuminati yang mengalir dalam 20 tahun terakhir dan walaupun juga berada dalam suatu kondisis human klan genetica mereka sendiri khususnya radian capital ordo dan maps human klan genetica imperium mereka hanya sedikit terkamuflage oleh hijab fashionable dan region otonomi / setelah templar mereka mengumandangkancode orang banua / people continent.

2. Kedua adalah pengeklaiman tingkat kecerdasan generasi nusantara yang sebenarnya setelah keberadaan mereka dengan nama kuin alalak dan ordo juga berada dalam pengeklaiman yang tak kasat mata puncaknya dalam dalam tactic illuminati 10 tahun terakhir dan keberadaan pemerintah yang sekarang dalam suatu koloni mereka / maps capital shipsment walupun tampak tidak banyak aktivitas didalam istana mereka dalam beberapa tahun terakhir ( maps capital buildings .

Kami sebagai penulis tidak bisa mendefinisikan arah pilitic illuminati jangka panjang mereka setelah tampak tidak banyak aktivitas didalam istana tersebut / maps buildings capital sgipsment , dan dalam banyak hal tersebit mengalir .

pertama socio sikaya dan simiskin masih dalam suatu manuver round socio econo aktiviti

Kedua tak ada arah yang terlihat dengan kasat mata dalam mengkonvers keberadaan bangsa Indonesia yang sebenarnya dalam kekuasaan yang nyata didalam istana tersebut setelah pengumandangan code templar mereka dan masih dalam suatu manuver style around socio econo aktiviti walupaun tampak hijab fashionable dan religiuous . 

Cant be translate in english but give possible to made translate in english language ( may have interesting to reads )


About one eye generation thats all began in south east asia when khawarij atheis group people black magic wizard to hack but use mask fanatisme religion khulafaur rasyidin with emran family ( german part of emran family and paus church alquds jerussalem ) with unicorn hindi and budisme ( liberty )more than 1400 years ago began by phropet muhammad with kristian coptic ( alexandria / cairo at this time ). khawarij group people after hack build hegemony until burn rosario war ( not khulafaur rasyidin with emran family ) then get broke by tartar monggolia between 12-13 century in central asia, after get get broke more khawarij group people going to south east asia growth in few java ( monarchi of java ) few andalas island and malay ( srivijaya ) am thing in liberty faculty of european people in america and eurpean more perfect story books.

After growth in south east asia build monarchi call name kuin alalak ( not queen / windsor , south and central borneo at this time ) then growth build regeneration when have trade with gresik ship terminal and sunda kelapa / batavia / jakarta at this time start build regeneration kharakteristik khawarij and their derivat use black magic to hack emran family and mu’min ( liberty ) then get trapped by sunan ampel surabaya at thats time part of gresik surely wife of sunan ampel father of paus from the east ( beloved call name by Ducth government )are from blambangan hindi when monarchi java come in khawarij group people run to bali few in east java ( banyuwangi/blambangan ) to regeneration with Indochina thats flow am thing then european people more going to expedition around this earth, mekong river culture thousand years ago until burn at this time burn banjarmasin town ( banjar = banjir mean get tsunami masin = asin mean water from the sea / ocean . “ water salt “ banjir air asin in malay vocabulary.

Dedicated to Sir jhon andrew willing hynes


                                                                              ( USA army veterean )


Continued to clearing all step by step after known sunrise was from the west 2010 seen in Arizona ( USA ). After am go home from border indonesia malaysia 2010-2011 ( get care right brain / from black magic wizard ) from ex kuin alalak kingdom ( khawrij kingdom metamorphosis use suni cloth call musalman in arabic jazirah /flow hundreds year ago ) until more going on in this earth at top condition burn worl war 2. Are relapse again at 1997 when am going to be soldier get black magic from ex kuin alalak kingdom south borneo civil province government, until burn insident 1998 in jakarta ( going infadel / broke of liberty / bhineka tunggal ika in south east asia ) then burn more effect in this earth .


Then after convert direction continued began at 2012 still black magic wizard ex kuin alalak was musalman continued by buffalo party use medical insurance finance for national program of medical insurance finance and until burn free trade market Jakrta – Beijing 2013 use hand of republic Indonesia after region otonom civil government . Am was wrote about new line of one eye capital ex kuin alalak kingdom civil province government south borneo wide by bufallo party central borneo ( part of kuin alalak kingdom hundred years ago ).


One eye capital civil province government ex kuin alalak kingdom south and central borneo arabic legue while not all by hajj prayer cultur since hundreds years ago china ( mao tze dong ) and Persia grand mother of khawarij broke one republic one ledership ( khulafah in arabic dictionarry ) are progress by khulafaur rasyidin with emran family ( liberty ) are try hack and broke by khawarij / insident of carbala and mesopotamia and kuin alalak kingdom then known after world war 2 and after convert direction was known.